Disappearing speakers




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    Morten N.
    Brand Manager

    Hi James.

    Please contact our Support Crew by using Send Support Request from the app so that our team can help you.

    It is a good idea to give them all relevant information about your network such as mark and model, mesh system etc.

  • James C

    I sent a support request on 12 December (before posting here) but I've not heard anything back except for automated messages saying that I was still in a queue.

    It seems that the turnaround time for support is closer to two weeks than the promised two days.

  • Seppi Evans

    Hi James, I am not support just an end users but…

    Have a look at your Router and see if you have reserved any IPs for any devices in your network, or if you have made any static IP’s by entering the IP manually on a device connected to your Router.

    Do also check your DHCP scope to make sure there are enough IPs available for all your devices.

    If you have previously reserved IP address for your Pulse M speakers then remove the entries.

    With issues like this you do need to perform a full network shut down, with devices such as tablet and phones turning them off is not enough but disabling Wi-Fi will suffice whilst you perform the following.

    Power off everything that connects to your Router, and I do mean everything and not just put into standby.

    Wait five minutes (important)

    Turn on only the Router and again wait another five minutes.

    Power on only the “less dominant” speaker and your controller device, test.

    Power on the “dominant” speaker and test again giving it a good five minutes of music playing hopefully on both speakers.

    At this point if working you can turn on all other networking devices, if music stop as you power on other devices you will hopefully find the culprit.

  • James C

    Hi Seppi, thank you so much for your help this worked! I had tried reallocating the fixed IPs and a full network reset but not both at the same time.

    I don't think that there was a clash issue with another device or a lack of IP addresses (the speakers had allocated IP addresses). It seems to have been how the speakers and controllers were managing IPs internally. In hindsight having reallocated the static IPs without a network reset may have been the cause of the strange behaviour here.

    I wish that Bluesound would sort out the IP allocation. All of the other devices on my network manage IPs fine. These speakers are the only devices that need a full network reset (which takes more than one hour) to resolve issues. I've had to do at least one after each update.

    Thank you again for your help. My family are now enjoying the music!

  • Seppi Evans

    Hi James, glad to hear your music is playing again for Christmas.

  • James C


    After Seppi's kind help the issue reoccurred. Support contacted me and we worked through the issue.

    I've worked through every possible solution presented by kind help from other users and Bluesound but any resolution has only be temporary. It has reoccurred each time there is an upgrade / update.

    I have spent a huge amount of time exploring "issues with my network" which have not resolved any issues at all. The only way for this to be resolved is for me to contact support and get them to manually force an update of the speaker. This is not particularly helpful when it can take a month to get a response from support.


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