WiFi stack seems to be killed & other strange network behavior




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    Alain DW

    When I bought a new Node2i at a local dealer a few years ago, it contained links to some services. So it was obviously a used device, showroom or so.

    I don't know if this is your case but maybe the procedure to restore to factory settings can help.



  • bluesound

    Thanks Alain DW! I started with the reset after the first issues. It didn't help or showed other traffic patterns.

    I'm sure the Wifi stack is the culprit here. I connected with a cable (looks nice over the living room floor!) and that helps. I learned that there are more people suffering from this. I already ordered a WiFi-bridge to get rid of the physical cable and see how that goes.

    What I see now I have a proper connection the Arcadyan component is likely to be the 'hotspot' for initial configuration. What makes matters worse I also saw some CVEs for that specific 'hotspot' linux kernel that look serious (high & critical): CVE-2023-38432

  • Alain DW

    Being a Linux user I wouldn't worry too much about these "vulnerabilities". There is an infinitesimally small risk since your are using the device in your home network and exposure to the internet is behind the firewall of your router.

    Anyhow these things get solved with kernel updates when needed.

  • bluesound

    Don't know why something above is mentioned as an 'official comment' or why my initial post is marked 'answered' because nothing is answered yet.

    @Alian, vulnerabilities wouldn't be that serious to me on their own but using an EOL linux version, communicating with Korea, not having proper certificate management in place, and having a wobly WiFi stack does not establish trust on my side.

    The one thing that helps the original query is not using the WiFi stack at all. I connected a TP-Link AC750 TL-WR902AC in client mode to the Powernode rj45 connector and using the same SSID I had no problems anymore. As I do not have a direct cable in the vicinity of the set-up this is a mediocre solution. As this device is on an audition I'm going to look for other devices that serve my needs. It's a pitty because the sound is great. But a streamer must be able to stream!


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