Is there a way to disable the Home Screen?



  • Jens Christian Lindblad

    I agree. To my use case I have no need for the Home screen. I just want to go straight to my library since I don’t subscribe to any streaming services.

    I found that on the Home screen you can click “User Interface” and revert to the old style interface. (Edit: only applies to the apps for tablets/phones - not the desktop versions)

  • Pete Naylor

    Ditto. 100% of my listening is from my local NAS library and I have no need for this extraneous fluff. Prior to BluOS 4 the controller loaded straight to my library screen.

  • Alain DW

    I too have no use for the home screen. Only my library, playlists and presets are needed, so actually the home screen is superfluous for me and an unnecessary detour. In the windows app I don't even find a "user interface" to revert the style.

    There is however a "customize Home" button, and this changes the screen layout but nothing more. That screen does nothing, no function is working. Wonder what use it is.

    I hope Bluesound will reconsider for a next update.


  • Bjørn Ulvik

    I agree with all above.

    Not fixing annoying long standing bugs, and not improving features like playlist handling, search function (with criteria), etc. is a "few steps back" in my opinion.

    Only improvement noticed so far is faster browsing/scrolling in the library.

  • KriHad

    +1, please allow option to skip home screen.

  • Brian


  • Andrew H.
    Brand Manager

    So the behaviour is supposed to be that once you have established a "path", the app returns there unless there is an update, a loss of power, etc.  I'll check in on that as it is supposed to be that the last action you take is where you go the next time.  I see for myself that the player is correctly identified but it returns to the home page and not what I was doing, I'll get the team to look into that.

  • John Garcia

    Still waiting?


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