Vault2i randomly accepts a disc but won't rip or eject



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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Please follow this thread regarding issues we are seeing with the VAULT internal storage;

    We are continuing to investigate and are posting updates here as they become available...

    I have reviewed this thread and will be closing it for housekeeping reasons. Please feel free to post there if need be but we have recorded all this so far.

  • Jason Jenkins

    So since posting this, I ripped a few more CDs and then it happened again. Now the Vault is not responding to any button presses, any commands from the app, not loading the library and the library is no longer showing as available in Windows Explorer. Again, pulling the power cord fixes the issue, but this is really starting to try my patience. It already takes long enough to rip my library without having to constantly unplug the Vault and plug it back in. I've had to do this several times today. 

  • Jason Jenkins

    And the behavior keeps changing. Ripped a couple CDs today with no issue, then on the 3rd the Vault's LEDs are flashing as if a disc is being ripped, but it doesn't sound like anything is spinning and going into the app shows no info at all under Rip/Encode status. Not just "no disc inserted" or anything like that. Nothing. It's blank. Encoder Setting, and Eject CD also just comes up with a blank page. I have cleared the cache and reinstalled the app and it stays this way until I power cycle the Vault. After power cycling, the ripping continues normally. This will be the last CD I rip until I get some sort of answer here. I'm really hoping that the update is causing all this stuff because otherwise this is a really expensive piece of hardware to have so much trouble doing the main thing it's designed for after just a couple weeks.

  • Narendra Mulani

    Hi, I am having the same issue here. The Vault randomly accepts CDs and then just sits.. No Ripping, and does not eject using the Bluesound App. power reset works. Can someone help please!


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