Thank you! No more automatic playlists.




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager


    By popular demand, the Queue is now 'Replace Queue' as the default behaviour.

    But don't worry Neurmancer you can still add the album to the end as you always were by using the context menu as described in the above link.

  • Neuromancer

    I actually miss the old behaviour. Regarding "And one can always add content with Play Next/Last": it doubles the amount of clicks needed to populate the queue with single songs from different places.

    Your use case on the other hand (play one album or whatever without having "old stuff" in the queue) was always easily achievable: empty the queue beforehand with one click...

    Sorry to highjack your thread. Just wanted to point out that there are other perspectives to this. I guess it all depends on personal preferences. It would be best if Bluesound gave us a simple configuration option. As in "chose what action is performed for single click on a song".

  • Tabcam

    Totally agree with neuromancer. The old behaviour is paramount to get back, either with a setting or being able to revert back to 3.x until that is possible.

  • Soul Man

    You know you could have achieved the same thing by just hitting the garbage can in the queue before playing the next selections.  That way you have a choice to keep the songs in the queue to shuffle OR just shuffle the songs you just added.


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