Node USB Digital out: effect of volume control




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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    HI William

    does using USB digital output with the volume control set to 0db (full volume, the default) output the identical digital stream as having fixed output?

    Yes Max variable volume is Fixed Volume

     That requires upsampling, which is why it appears to the Node as a DDC

    If it is upsampling, it is by definition performing a digital-to-digital conversion. The NODE DAC is still not being used, but you likely gain no advantage to using USB over COAX,

    In the end, regardless of what you see, trust your ears and go with what sounds best to you.

  • William Heck

    Hi Tony, thanks for the confirmation on that point.

    It's really a matter of convenience as to which input I use. For one of my sources, I can only use coax, so I would like to use USB for the device for which I have a choice. 

    And I seriously doubt that I could tell any difference in sound between the inputs anyway -- more of a theoretical concern, as in not wanting to *potentially* degrade the results. So long as the max variable is the same as fixed, even that potential is removed. (I'm already sure that the fixed volume, i.e., unprocessed in any way, digital stream from any of the outputs running is identical.)

    Now back to listening to some music!

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Glad to hear sir!



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