how to confirm that backup has worked



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    Alain DW

    As the Bluesound OS is build on linux, I guess you could use a linux machine to read the ext4 format used.

    If you have an old computer/laptop lying about, installing a linux flavor of your choice would be very straightforward.

  • Horst Buschmann

    I have the same problem and no linux device. I connected a SanDisK 2TB portable device to the Vault and it seemed to have formated the harddrive and after initializing the bacxkup I haven't got any confirmation nor did I see any progress in the backup. I left the hard drive connected for almost 2 days! Nothing happened, only the same info on the screen that it's calculating space. Tried it a couple of times!!

  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Horst

    Please select Settings, Send Support Request in the BluOS App so we may take a closer look.

  • Horst Buschmann

    Already have done that. Meanwhile I was able to check the backup progress since my Pioneer AV Receiver could read the SSD Data. About 10% (or 40 CD's) of my music library had been stored onto the external SSD (about 200 GB of Data in total!) within more than 2 days. Are you kidding? The Player backup status gave me an estimate of 1600hrs(!!!!) left for the total backup time. Are you kidding????


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