Will there be a Vault 3?



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    Seppi Evans

    You can add another Vault to your BluOS system… good excuse to expand your system for playback in an additional room.

  • Redbeardo

    Thanks, Seppi. That's something I hadn't thought of. But I would have to hardwire the second Vault to my receiver, just because I'm old school and prefer listening to wired speakers.

    Would the Vault mobile app combine both directories or would I have to open two separate directories when selecting music?

  • Spencer Kantor

    Some have also suggested that if there's an updated Vault there should be a SSD option.  

  • Seppi Evans

    There would be one “library” it’s just like adding an additional network share.

    Mechanical drives do still have a place in computing, especially the ones for NAS enclosures or Video monitoring which run 24/7. I have had more SSD failures than mechanical drives - go figure, must admit though SSD is much faster, quieter and uses less power.


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