Vault V500 back up SSD capacity




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    Seppi Evans

    You will need to get an external drive that is at least 2TB, the Vault is quite slow at backing up so an SSD is a waste. I use a cheap WD portable drive… and then make another copy across the network to a NAS.

  • guy watson

    Many thanks for the swift reply 

    I did wonder if it needed to be the same size or larger as it copies the entire drive regardless of content i guess 

    I wanted an SSD just because they a silent and i had a portable hard drive fail rather than for speed 

    Do i need to format in a special way?  i dont have another NAS of any type so this is the only back up 


  • Seppi Evans

    The Vault formats the drive in a Unix format automatically.

    As for drives… past 10 years I have been very lucky with no mechanical drives failing but one brand new Sandisk SSD which lasted a week. I stick little silicone feet on little WD drive and don’t hear it. Of course I could not have a mechanical drive in my main Mac now, far too slow in comparison.


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