Stereo Sound Pulse 2i + Flex?




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    Seppi Evans

    In a very large room adding additional speakers is good idea for audio “coverage” but makes stereo awkward as you have to sit in between them for the effect.  

    However you cannot create a Stereo pair with a Pulse and a Flex as you need both devices to be of the same type but you can group them together  so they play in sync.


    Edit, indeed you can create a stereo pair from different units, for some reason I did not believe this possible.


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    Hi Josh,

    while it is possible to stereo pair a Pulse Flex and a Pulse 2, I think you will benefit very little with left and right channel separation in your large living/dining room. Try instead to just group them in a Multi-Player Group.

    Here's information on how to:

    Best, KriHad

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