Will it be possible to use the new NODE for Dolby Digital surround sound?




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    Sam R.

    Glad to hear you're interested! At release, the new NODE will not have support for Dolby content over HDMI - 2.1 ch PCM Stereo only - so it will not be able to work in that setup as intended.

    That being said I can pass this forward as a feature request to our BluOS dev lab for future consideration. 

    Sam R.

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    I did not see this post before, so I ended up opening a zendesk case (#235588) with more or less the same question. It turns out you get a different answer depending on who you ask.
    I got this response, which pretty much killed my hope of ever being able to use my node for surround: "The Node N130 is not Dolby certified and will probably not be a product that will be certified in future."
    But if there's a chance it will happen that's good to hear.

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