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    Seppi Evans

    Well… it’s a bit like asking which is better BMW or Porsche on a BMW forum 😁

    Seriously though quite a few members here and even more so on the original Bluesound Discussion Forum moved from Sonos to Bluesound and over the years seen many upgrades.

    Sonos has a vast array of services available but you must remember they started in 2004/5 and Bluesound about 10 years later hence the difference. What I will say is that more and more streaming services are going the direct to streamer router. Seeing this a lot with Chrome cast enabled devices where the players app basically does nothing useful and you rely on the native app for casting.

    Sound quality wise I don’t think many Bluesound users would say the audio is better on Sonos in any way, sure the app may be better in some respects but if you are like me I play an album and then don’t worry or have any need to constantly go back and forth. I suppose if you were playing individual tracks it would be tiresome.

    Bluesound can be controlled by a cheap IR remote or besttervthe dedicated Bluesound one, this lets you control any recent Bluesound device with a single button press. There is also the option for 10 presets which I find very handy… single press and a playlist, album or radio station plays at a set volume, cannot get any easier than that.

    I also like Roon but cannot justify the ongoing costs but that would not help you with most of the services you use.

    You may want to try hooking up a pair on analogue interconnects to your (nice) amp and listen to the Node’s internal DAC, this would also give you full MQA from Tidal.

    Edit, presume you have connected to your routers USB share just like you have with your Play 1’s.


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    Thank you Seppi!

    I know it’s kind of a weird question to ask in this forum but at the same time maybe someone has been through the same situation 🙂

    I guess I like the interface and user experience of the Sonos Controller better but I know in theory Bluesound sounds better. Just wanted to know if that applies to my specific setup as well.

    I’m just getting started so I don’t need to have the perfect or more HiRes setup right now, but maybe people with more experience can advice on whether at this stage it is better to focus on user experience or sound. Also I am really enjoying my new equipment and spend all day trying to understand better all this stuff and learning new things about it, that’s how I think I started wondering about my streamer.

    I will try Bluesound’s internal DAC as you suggest to try and understand for myself what people mean when talking about sound quality.

    As for the USB, both Node 2i and Play:1s are connected to the router USB share.

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    Seppi Evans

    Saw your post on that other forum… did you expect anything other than a Sonos shopping list😂

    Seriously though one of those members who replied has clearly stated openly on that forum that all amplifiers sound identical (often miss quoting a 1960s engineer) and Harbeth speakers are the best. Just look at the horrendous cross over used in Harbeths which are basically filters and decide.

    It’s a known fact that the Port does not produce a “bit perfect” output and there are quite a few posts about how poor it sounds, all detailed on that other forum. The typical reply to that is “is it audible / proven to make a difference” Likewise for years said vocal members say there is no benefit of having better than CD quality yet here we are with Sonos now supporting some hires tracks but nothing like Bluesound is capable of.

    Your setup is perfect for showing off the capabilities of Bluesound, no worries there that it might not be good enough. Cambridge Audio have for years made decent sounding equipment.

    Hires is a contentious area and many papers produced to back up claims on both sides. However the mastering quality of hires tracks is better, more care has been taken and even if you don’t benefit for hires as such you would benefit from the better quality masters. Quobuz and Tidal are the streaming services to look at.

    Audio quality or ease of use, that’s what it boils down to and judging on the fact you bought separates it’s quality you are seeking but I fully understand where you are with ease of use.

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    Thanks again Seppi! I really appreciate your taking your time to answer and also understanding my question is not just about brands.

    It’s funny you found the other post, I should have actually said I was asking on both forums since I am just trying to find as many experienced users who want to share their advice as possible.

    I guess it is not a really interesting topic 😂 but your words have been really helpful. By buying separates I definitely want to get into the joy of sound, so I’ll stick with the Bluesound and try to make the most of it.

    In my opinion the controller has a lot to improve in terms of usability so I’ll try and suggest new features than may improve everyone’s experience

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