Android Controller Issues




  • Sam R.

    I'm having a bit of trouble replicating; would you be able to provide screenshots and the exact steps you're taking so I could test them here as well?

  • Gumice

    Hi Sam,

    Not sure I can capture a screen shot. If I touch the hamburger (top LHS) the menu appears as normal (usual options). If I was last using Radio Paradise I cannot choose other streaming services (eg. Tunein/calm radio/NY Archives/Tidal). I can't get to my "Library" either (share on NAS). But I can choose a non music option like "Music Services" or "Settings" or "Help"

    Yesterday I was listening to Tidal (last "used" music service on Android phone) and just now I can't navigate from Tidal to other music per above. So this may be unrelated to the Radio Paradise issue after all

    So it's a bit odd. More of a minor annoyance with an easy workaround. Just though it worthwhile to mention and happy to provide more info if someone in support wish to pursue (logs etc)



  • Sam R.

    It would probably be best to direct this to the support crew. You can send them a log via the app from Help > Send Support Request (log is automatically attached).


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