Powernode2i not connecting to network




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    Seppi Evans

    Quickest thing would be to temporarily move the Powernode next to the router and use Ethernet. At this point make sure you update the firmware as there has been changes to WiFi.

    Then update the WiFi settings, you should then be able to unplug the Ethernet cable and test (before moving it back) that WiFi is working.

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    Mike Heseltine

    Thanks for the suggestion Seppi. Powernode is find when connected by Ethernet. Disappears as soon as disconnected from Ethernet.


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  • Hi Mike

    While connected via Ethernet, please select Help, Send Support Request in the App. In the description of the problem, let the Support Crew know the make and model of your router if it's provided by an Internet Service Provider, who is the ISP and also note any other wireless repeaters you may have.

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