How to use BluOS apps on network without autodiscovery?




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    Hi Electrowolf

    Like the vast majority of IoT devices, you will require mDNS enabled on your router. Please review your network documentation to prevent mDNS or Zero Conf traffic from being blocked.

    Multicast is not only used for setup and discovery, it is a requirement to perform multiple device broadcasts if you have multiple Players in your environment.

    Bluesound or BluOS Players will not work without Multicast

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    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for the reply, and sorry for being blunt in advance.

    Referring to other devices is in no way relevant to my question. Nor is the notion about multi-device setups or questions about the players.

    My questions is about the controller apps to control the players.

    Am I correct in understanding your reply as "BluOS apps can not control BluOS players without using multicast." and "Bluesound chooses not to implement an option to do so."?

    I state this second part of my question as your API documentation shows that a player is controlled by HTTP GET requests. As far as I can see, the only thing needed to be able to send these requests from an app is knowing the IP address of the player. At this moment this IP address is supplied by _musc._tcp through mDNS/Bonjour. I assume manually inputting the IP (+ port) in the controller app would do the same trick. As such adding this option to the apps seems to be simple.

    Hope you can shed some more light on this with an informative answer.



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  • This is not an officially recommended nor officially supported use of our BluOS Players.

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