NAD M33 BluOS Upgrade Error#1-Server Unreachable




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    Error 1 indicates the M33 could not connect to the upgrade server due to a network connection. 

    1) Power down for 5 mins and try again

    2) If that does not work, temporarily relocate the M33 so it can connect to the router using a wired connection

    3) If that does not work, email for assistance


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    Franci Tomsic

    Yesterday I managed to start the device after 20 attempts.But today the following problem occurred, BluOS Controller does not recognize the device.NAD M33 is useless. I will send this device to the dump = trash.Thank you for cheating me for 5000 Euros.I never buy a NAD again, even if only a badge. F ... NAD.

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  • Franci 

    I am sorry you feel that way, as mentioned in another post, your issues sound network-related. Please e-mail us at so we can help you troubleshoot your network environment.

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