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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Rob

    Ensure AutoFill is on in your Settings Menu of your App. In Song View, select the first song. Then shuffle the Play Queue and save it as a preset.

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    Rob Koenis

    I don't see a setting with the name AutoPlay, I think you mean AutoFill, that setting is on.

    (Mod note: Sorry about that - was still on the first cup of coffee)

    I can save the play queue to a play list, but don't see any option to save it to a play queue.

    If auofill is on, i can see it in the playqueue after starting the first song. The next song is one by autofill.
    After pressing the shuffle, the play queue is filled (no auto fill at the end any more). But it will only contain about 1000 songs. Not all 4500. Just the 1000 songs already waiting in the autofill part op the playqueue. Storing it in a play list (not preset) is then possible but the playlist will then only contain the 1001 songs.

    My workaround for now:
    I start playing the first song. Autofill will add 1000. I scroll to the last song and select it. After that autofill will add new entries (i don't know how many but mutch less than the first time, maybe something like 100, so ending with 1101 songs in the queue). I then scroll again to the last song in the list and select that one and again autofill will add some songs. I will repeat this until i have loaded all songs in the queue (lots of scrolling and takes a lot of time). After all songs are loaded i press the shuffle and i can shuffle play all songs.
    This works but because it takes to time to do this its not a real option. 

    Playlist with all the songs?
    The playqueue now contains the 4500 songs. I can save this as a bluesound playlist (no errors at that time). But the bluesound node 2i can not start this playlist. After starting it, it takes some time en then i get a error with the option to retry it.
    I have also created a playlist in tidal with all the 4500 songs. If i start that playlist the bluesound only loads the first 1000 tracks. 





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  • Thanks for the feedback Rob - I have passed it along for future consideration.

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