Bluesound Node 2i - Sub output extremely loud.




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    Sam R.

    This is the first time I've heard that the NODE's sub is too loud. Do you perhaps have the NODE set to Fixed Output? If so, just like the other outputs, the subw out will output max volume and volume adjustment will need to be done from your subwoofer. 

    Sam R.

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    This is also my finding. Bass is too loud. Not just on subwoofer but also on stereo speakers. 

    BlueSound node 2i was connected to external Onkyo amplifier with analog connection.

    Onkyo amplifier had connected to subwoofer and stereo speakers which were playing too loud bass. .

    I had to turn following setting on subwoofer to have to in normal level and acceptable for listening  -  crossover on subwoofer to 60Hz and gain to 20%. On node i have fixed output checked and no other setting on amplifier (all on neutral levels)

    This bass  exploded recently when i found out i made mistake in setting at Node 2i.

    I found that subwoofer checkbox (in Audio setting) is referring to subwoofer connected to node 2i, not to subwoofer connected to amplifier.

    So when i disabled checkbox, whole bass was forwarded to amplifier and it became too strong. 

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