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    Jason Collier

    We simply want to be able to turn the signal to the SUB OUT on or off, that's it.  Why introduce a XOVER to the main RCA outputs at all?

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    Hi Jason,

    There's always a signal being sent to the sub signal output jacks, you cannot disable it. I would like to see this "Sub Out" setting renamed to "Enable crossover" or something similar to make it more obvious what it's actually doing.

    I don't work for Bluesound but in my reading, this behavior is part of the Dolby certification requirements. For various reasons, Dolby requires a separate Low Frequency Effects LFE channel (sub out) but also requires that the LFE signal can be sent to the two front speakers if they are "full range". So all Dolby certified systems have an option to specify your front speakers are full range or limited range. In BluOS, when you set the Sub Out setting to OFF, it disables the crossover and it's the same as saying your front speakers are full range.

    In my tests, the BlueOS crossover attenuates the sub signal a few dB. That's why it's louder when the crossover network is enabled. The crossover is very useful when driving bookshelf speakers like I do sometimes.

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