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    Hi there,

    The Powernode 2i with HDMI would be great for your living room TV and B&W speakers. (BTW I have a pair of 601 S3 in my workshop). The Powernode will also support surround sound if you have two other Bluesound products as the rear speakers (see the website for specifics). Use HDMI eARC from your TV to the Powernode, then you can control the speaker volume with your TV remote while watching. I have my TV hooked up this way and I watch surround sound movies using the Netflix and Plex smartTV apps and the Powernode delivers the surround sound. 

    I'm assuming the kitchen and bedroom speakers are passive and will also need amplification. A separate Powernode for each room is the right choice for those rooms. Then you can have different music in each room, or the same music in all rooms, or music in some rooms and TV in the other. The only potential caveat is that you may want better sound quality than the Powernode Class D amp provides, so then you get your desired stereo integrated amp and a Node 2i as a source.

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