Has the CEO of NAD used this bluesound software, I dont think so



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    Bjørn Ulvik

    JimmyMack; ...Why can I not create a playlist in one app like Mediamonkey......

    Right-click a playlist in MediaMonkey, Send to - M3U/XSPF playlist..., save as .m3u at the root of your share, reindex your library and your playlist will appear.
    JRiver can do the same but make sure you are saving with the relative path.

  • JimmyMack

    I totally agree. The hardware is excellent but the software is 4th rate at best. I was very reluctant at first to buy anything that didn't support open source client software. If the company goes bust than we are all left with thousands of dollars worth of scrap, no updates.

    They don't seem to be interested in improving the sw apps for some reason after a few early bug fixes. As you say, there are so many better player apps out there that have FAR more capabilities but we are locked into this crappy bluos. 

  • Agustin Fernandez

    I actually traded an email with him, and he wrote me back that this year they would be focusing on usability and improving features.  Nothing so far.  The worst thing of that bad software is the so called Autofill,   it cycles through the old things you have played before, and it tops at 100 songs, when I have over 10,000s.     If I play an album, why at the end  would  go back o a previously played one.   I want to be able to sort albums in random order and be surprised as to what plays next,  or even better shuffle the whole collection one song at a time.   I gave my mother a Vault 2i for xmas, loaded with a huge collection of CDs, she said she rather use youtube, and spottify.   There is no ability to easily generate a playlist.  How about trying to mimic the old Genius that the apple Ipod came out with.  It would play songs similar to the one you were playing with one button click, and create a play list.  The concept of the Vault is great, the software, the absolute worst there is.

  • JimmyMack

    The playlist function is less than optimal, 0.05 out of 10! Why can I not create a playlist in one app like Mediamonkey or JRiver or an app on my phone & then play it in bluos? There seems to be no way to sync or even copy one playlist between apps.

    I can edit a playlist or even send the playlist to my Node 2 from my PC but I can't listen to it on that same computer.

  • Matthew Wedd

    Agreed, this is barely acceptable as a front end. If I had known how poor the controller was I would not have bought a Bluesound. I don't think this was ever User Acceptance tested.


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