Node 2i MQA via RCA out to receiver that re-digitizes signal




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    That's a question for your amplifier manufacturer, but I doubt they do. I do know our good friends down the hall at NAD Electronics do not run analogue signals through a DAC as that is a lot of work for no added benefit.

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    Raymond Gonzalez

    Thanks for the quick reply. Per your suggestion I did some more research on this via the receiver manufacturer side. While I can't speak for NAD, I was correct that most mass market receivers do digitize analog signals, but if you engage a "pure direct" function, all of the extra digital processing (room correction, loudness control, eq settings, crossover, etc.) is defeated and the output will be pretty much transparent from the original signal, and the benefits of the full MQA signal from the Node 2i should be apparent. 

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