Native Apple Music support on Node 2




  • Anthony Belden

    Hang on a second... I've got a gen1 Airport Express.  No optical output (there is an analog headphone-jack sized output), BUT, it has ethernet and USB.

    I bet I can connect the Node2 via ethernet.

  • ...and use the headphone out of the airport to aux in on the NODE 2

  • nstzya

    Don't know... not sure the Airport Express Gen 1 will accept the Apple firmware update... and don't think that it outputs digitally.

    The Airport Express Gen 2 is a much more aesthetic complement to the gen 2 Bluesound - especially if your Bluesound is white. And costs well less than $100 used.

  • marduke_ii

    I agree that Tidal HiFi or MQA  + Bluesound is the best sound out there. For me, however, Tidal does not provide the curation and playlists of Apple. With Tidal, you have to know to what to listen. It is hard to find things on Tidal. MQA is not on many, many recordings that would truly benefit from the technology. 

    This is, IMO, why Tidal is dying. According to news reports, they are short on cash and are on the bankrupt watch. 

    Without a direct integration with either Apple Music or Spotify, I do have to wonder what the business model of Bluesound will be, when they lose their major differentiator in Tidal.

    For those items I want to listen to in flawless, I will buy the CDs. For the rest, I guess I'll have to do an AppleTV and AppleMusic. And that makes me really sad. I bought a Bluesound because I did hear the difference. I did hear that it was the best. Tidal is letting Bluesound down. Imagine if Roku could not play Netflix or Amazon, that is Bluesound without a direct integration with Apple and Spotify - the two major players in the music space.

    Bluesound can have the best DAC in the world, and they do, but if you can't push content through it, it is worthless. 

    I really hope Bluesound thinks hard about this business model. I was an ardent fanboy of the product, but I am on my last couple of months of my Tidal subscription - if they make it that long. When it is done, I will switch back to AppleMusic, making my Bluesound node 2 a useless brick.

    I might have considered the hardware upgrade if Bluesound provided a direct integration with Apple Music. But without that, I will not buy another Bluesound product. 

    And I am very sad about it. It was the best sound since I used a CD player.



  • Mark

    I've actually stopped using my BSNode 2 as I found it annoying to have to connect and use my phone for Apple Music and the BS UI for other streams. And it had other shortcomings eg search.

    I've also ditched Tidal as I was long time subscriber to QoBuz and their Hifi Sublime subscription lets me stream and download up to 24/128Khz which suits me just fine. Once again it, at least for me, is a far superior UI and includes a lot of the background notes from AllMusic.

    I use my Sonos in "passthrough" mode so my Peachtree 300 handles all the conversion but I get the pleasure of using the Sonos UI which is still by far the best UI I have come across (excluding Roon as I haven't used it).

    Sonos of course have native Apple Music support. And their search facility searches across all your music sources at the same time.

    Need to find someone to buy my Node2...




  • Manfred

    Well there are tons of wireless systems out there. Tidal as been pronounced "dead" since the day they opened, and they are still around.

    What happens if Apple decide to shut down their MP4 music service in the future, too?

    If you are serious about music, you've got to go for either, Tidal or Qobuz and have a DAC that can keep up with that quality. Alternatively you may buy tons of SACDs and the required storage space, too.

    Bluesound (as well as Sonos) will give you some headroom since they deliver upgrades to their firmware to support future technologies.

    But keep in mind that they are not being paid for that, so there is no obligation for a lifetime support. We have to accept the fact that new "breakthrough" technologies arise every few years and some of them may require hardware upgrades.

    Want something that lasts? Get a turntable and a bunch of vinyl LPs ;-)

  • Haavard F

    Have you considered making and usb-stick that can be connected to the Bluesound 2-units which contains the hardware authentication?

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Haavard

    We did... unfortunately there were a number of issues and limitations of that we were unable to overcome.


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