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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for contacting Bluesound.

    1) We are always looking into improving the experience. We have had some preliminary discussions regarding nested grouping and Players being in multiple fixed groups at the same time. I have forwarded these comments to our Quality Assurance team for future consideration. 

    2) The volume control using an IR remote with the SOUNDBAR, if in a Home Theatre Group is the master volume for all the Players in the group. All players should increase in volume relative to where they were in the group. If this is not happening, please select Help, Send Support Request in your App so one of our BluOS Support Crew Members can see your Log file as to why not.

    Thanks for the feedback, this is how we make a better experience for everyone.

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    Tycho Sinnige

    Hi Tony,

    The first feature is something that I'd definitely welcome too. In my opinion it is a shame to leave 2 FLEXes permanently hanging on the wall for whenever there is Dolby Digital available, don't you think so? One of mine is for example regularly dragged into the kitchen/bathroom/bedroom or even outside with the battery pack. This kind of flexibility is really awesome but there is stil room for improvement indeed.

    At this point you'd have to ungroup for listening music and regroup for the home cinema setup to watch a movie or TV, which is kind of a annoying since distances and volumes have to be set for each of the 3 speakers. In addition, not all broadcasts on TV have Dolby Digital available - it would be nice to have the FLEXes play the same as the SOUNDBAR in these scenarios.

    Thank you for taking this into consideration.

    With warm regards,


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  • Thank YOU for the feedback Tycho

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    Sjors Kemper

    I have to agree with Tygo and Rob on these exact matters. Unfortunately 2 yaers later i come across the same issues. Have to say I am very pleased with the overall sound quality of my bluesound system: 1x 2i soundbar + sub and 2x 2i flex rear speakers. Love the sound quality when playing music but also bought this set up to enjoy dolby digital content for tv content. However... I never use DD set up because this means changing groups/set up of speakers everytime I want to listen to music/DD content. Really hope DD feauture becomes more user friendly in.the future!

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