ripping MP3 after Flac




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi AHSpeedy

    If you select MP3+FLAC from the encoder settings of your VAULT, the MP3 files are stored in a separate folder so are not indexed.

    You can move the files you have already created. Here is how;


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    Hi Tony

    thanks for the reply. This is what I am doing now and it works perfectly. I have indeed all MP3 files separately.

    But what to do with all CD's I have ripped in FLAC only. Now that I choose MP3 ripping for the same CD, the Vault stores it under the driectory Music and not in the MP3 directory, although this CD is already stored under MUSIC (but in FLAC). So all the files get mixed.

    I think convertingthe FLAC files will be easiest? Any advice on a converting software?




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  • You can convert them if you would like. I am no expert on third party software and many are subjective on their results.

    You can re-rip them using the dual encode method above which will automatically put the FLACs in your Library and the MP3s in the external folder.

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