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    Hi Gordon

    There is no official standard with regards to .WAV files and metadata. This is one of the many reason's systems have abandoned them for FLAC files over times. BluOS will process the more common way by reviewing tags in the header portion of the file. Many of our consumers have had success using MP3 Tag and Kid3 tag editors. 

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    Gordon Delgado

    But I don't think you can add tags to WAV files?

    I'm not short on space so I don't need FLAC can now buy 10 TB hard drives so compression is moot.

    There must be a way to infer a minimum amount of metadata from the file or folder name!

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  • Hi Gordon

    You just stated all the problems with .WAV files in a very short summary. There is no standard way to tag them and everyone does it differently.

    You can add tags to .WAV files as I stated. Also file size is the least of the reasons to convert to FLAC. Do not believe the myths; there is no audible difference between WAV files and FLAC files. The original urban legend came from older streaming devices not having enough processing power to decompress a FLAC file fast enough to avoid jitter. This is not the case in Bluesound or any streaming device manufactured in the past 5 years. 

    If however none of these options are appealing, you can also select Browse by Folder in your Local Library to see the stored file structure;

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