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    Hi Randy

    The App being unresponsive has nothing to do with the Player or the App, chances are it's your network...

    Please check out our Network trobleshooting section here; https://support.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/sections/200071008-Network-Issues

    If problems persist, please select Help, Send Support Request in the App and we can assist.

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    If the app being unresponsive has nothing to do with the player then why was the problem corrected when I re-set the player?  The network was fine during this episode.  I don't deny that the player may have had problems with the network connection (even though I had a continuous blue light).  Before I reset the node 2 I rebooted my router.  When it came back up the node was able to find and connect to the network but again the app was unresponsive to commands from the iPad.  It was only after resetting the Node 2 that everything started working again....except for the issue I asked about in my original question regarding why my node now plays continuously.

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