WiFi connection to Node2 drops out regularly




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    Hi Herman

    Check out these two Help Center Articles on improving signal strength to your wireless Players.



    If problems persist, please select Help, Send Support Request in the App so we can review the log files and help troubleshoot one on one.

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    Herman Vanvlijmen

    Hi, thanks for the response but this does not help me. There is nothing wrong with the wifi signal itself. It is working finr for all my other devices (laptops, iphones, google chromecast). The router is less than 8 meters away from my Node2 and there is no reason why my signal should vary from excellent (mostly) to poor (when i have the connection problems). My problem looks the same as many others that you can see when searching for "wifi signal drop".



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  • Hi Herman

    " have a Node2 that is connected by wifi to my router, which is built in to the modem from my internet provider Telenet (in Belgium). "

    Telco provided routers are often very problematic. Please select Help, Send Support Request in the app so we can review your log file, reach out to you and help troubleshoot.

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    This was happening to me, to my great frustration.  But following Bluesound's advice in another thread led to a solution.

    Please see this thread:  https://support.bluesound.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/115007079008/comments/115004553067

    There is hope!  It's not the distance to the router, but router settings that's the issue.  

    Good luck!

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