Create a Surround Sound Group with a Node 2




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Jorgen

    Thank you for the feedback.

    We are always investigating ways to improve the experience and are excited about possibilities.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

  • Rami Maatta



    What Jorgen suggested is exactly what I've thought and would be really cool feature in the future. Personally I'm investing how to enlarge my current 2.0 system into 5.0 home theater. I definitely would like to keep my existing setup Node 2 + Genelec 8351 monitors which are quite decent to be used as front speakers and subwoofer is not required.


  • Sean Bahr

    I concur with Jorgen. The soundbar option is not what everyone desires but would like surround effects using Nodes

  • Jonathan Woodbury

    I have an NAD 758v3 which has BluOS built-in and I also would really love to be able to use wireless Bluesound speakers for rear surrounds. Running speaker cable completely across the room is such a hassle and eyesore. Although I wonder if that could work even when using a source which isn't the BluOS module or using the analog bypass source.

  • Hi Jonathan

    We are continuing to investigate possibilities ourselves. 

  • Johan Herlaar

    Is it possible to create a surround setup with the soundbar and the powernode 2, when I want to use two floorstanding speakers as surround speakers in this setup?


  • Hi Johan

    Not at this time but we continue to look at expanding our Home Theatre Grouping to include more models in the future.

  • Chris


    Any updates on this? Or perhaps I’m missing something? I have a node 2i and cannot get my rear channels playing from my AVR.

    is there a node setting I’m overlooking?



  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Chris

    Home Theatre Grouping is only available with a SOUNDBAR and 2 PULSE FLEXs. You can use original Gen2 or 2is.

    We have not added the NODE line up to this feature.

  • Anthony Lathbury

    I’d like to make another request for this feature.   I have passive surrounds already wired for my existing traditional system which I’m trying to partially replace with the soundbar 2i....i.e. the soundbar is repalcing my center and front left and right.   I’d prefer to leave the passive surrou ds in was a hassel to hide the speaker wire for them.  Also, Trying to run ac power outlets so I can use the pulse flex as replacement surrounds is way too expensive.  Would prefer to purchase a bluesound power node to push the passive surrounds along with my soundbar 2i and my subwoofer.

  • iano

    For all setups it would seem the soundbar configurable as either center or left/right/centre should be essential as soundbar has the eARC with the bandwidth for surround.  In other words for separate left/center/right mode, in place of a flex as a centre, put the soundbar in mono as center and bring in a stereo pair for left and right.

    This also allows dynamically configuring the soundbar back to all three channels for material that does not really need full surround.


  • Oli abou

    I would also buy a node/power node if it was possible to integrate them in a surround system with the soundbar. Please bluesound can you work on this in a future update?!

  • Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Oli

    We are working on it - the POWERNODE is a much higher priority than the NODE though given the HDMI port on newer models and the fact it can act as a standalone amp (for the rears with in-wall speakers)...

    No ETA just yet though...

  • Peter Stavling

    My set up is a Node 2i, a pair of Bang Olufsen Beolab 8000, a B&W PW1 subwoofer, Apple TV gen5, Panasonic projector and a Samsung TV. All my speakers are active and I really like the feature with the power on to my Beolab 8000.Would love to be able to add back speakers and a center speaker in my set up. It would be a killer application for me.

  • j b

    Thank you for making this work on the Powernode! Are you also working on the Node? 


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