MQA and EQ functionality




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    Hi Peter

    You assumption is accurate and I couldn't have explained it better myself. 24 bits of music and 11 bits of headroom for all that other fiddling about.


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    So that is actually excellent news for many DSP software producers, DAC and streamer manufacturers.

    There has been (and still is..) much hostility against MQA by some companies like XIVERO and the owner of with regard to MQA. As an early adopter and 'fan' of MQA I do not understand their arguments and fear at all. If I were a DSP software designer, I would take a MQA license and embed this as a new option. As long as their software offers for example 32 or 64 bit of headroom, other features, even advanced ones, will still be possible in the digital domain, correct?

    Thanks for clarifying !

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  • It would not be the first time change was not welcomed... the world will get it and glad to see the record labels are already on board not just with converting to this format but actually using the opportunity to restore and remaster. Our pleasure and thanks for #LivingHiFi

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