2.12.0 does not index some files




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    Hi Triple X

    I have escalated your issue to our BluOS Support Crew...

    We will be in touch via the e-mail address you registered with help troubleshoot your system.

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    Shyam Prasad

    I am having the same problem with several, mainly classical, albums. I have downloaded the latest firmware (2.12.1) and done Rebuild Index but the problem persists. The files are present but when an album is opened the app states 'No items found'. This doesn't happen on my PC (I haven't upgraded the app there yet) but happens on Android with the latest apps. I have re-ripped an album without success and then Rebuild Index without success either. This never happened before 2.12.0. Thanks

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  • Hi Shyam

    Can you please send us a log file from your VAULT? You can easily do this by selecting Help, Send Support Request and the log is automatically sent with your contact information.

    Our BluOS Support Crew will then reach out to you and help troubleshoot the problematic CD.

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