Ethernet cables?




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    Hi Mick

    Standard Cat 5/5e/6 cables are perfectly fine for Gigabit file transfer rates from a NAS or VAULT 2 to other Bluesound Players. All audio processing is done in the Player itself. 

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    Paul kraft

    I'm afraid that my experience is quite different than Tony's "official" response.

    I would simply recommend to Mick that he goes to a dealer who will loan him an upgrade cable, then he can make up his own mind.

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  • Hi Paul

    You are correct in letting your ears be the judge but when I suggest all audio processing happens locally it is because each Bluesound Player has a dedicated local audio oscillator. The only network traffic happening is the unprocessed file being sent to the Player, even when grouped with other Bluesound Players for multiroom Playback.

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