Playing Tidal Masters on Bluesond




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    Tony W. - Product Support Manager

    Hi Hvegmond

    Are you able to connect the Node using an analog connection? If so does it play fine then? If not, please send us the log information by selecting Help, Send Support Request in the App.

    If it does, then please troubleshoot your Dynaudio DAC. If the DAC is not MQA compliant, then it will be limited to 24/96 output as per MQA's requirements. If it is, in the Audio settings of the Node (in the Player drawer there is a gear icon next to the Player), set MQA External DAC to yes.

    If you are still having issues, please open a support request as above or e-mail us at and we can help further.

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    Thnx. Indeed changes the setting for external DAC works. 

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