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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Hi Marina

    Bluesound does not support crossfading.

    I have forwarded your feedback to our development team for future consideration.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi

  • Ock cacao

    When will you revisit this function as I'm considering a Blusound device, but crossfade is a deal breaker. Any alternate solutions you can recommend?

  • Wesley P.

    Hello Ock,

    To support crossfading the BluOS app would need to stream both the current player and upcoming song simultaneously. Unfortunately, many streaming services will not allow streaming of more than one song at a time which would prevent crossfading from being a possibility in the BluOS app.

    At this time it is unlikely that crossfading will become available in the BluOS app. However, I will pass your feedback along to our Quality Assurance team to see if we can reassess and maybe find a workaround to this issue, and provide this feature in a future update.

    Wesley P.

  • Peter McNulty

    Hi Wesley,

    I have your Node 2i streaming player. Is there any update to this issue between Spotify's crossfade feature, and the fact that it's disabled by the BluOS app? I'm not a software coder, but why wouldn't the BluOS program be written to simply deliver the Spotify streaming data to the streaming player?

    Also, does the BluOS app over-ride any other settings on Spotify? E.g. the audio quality?

    Please reply to inform. Thanks,

    Peter M


  • Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    As a Spotify Connect end-point - your BluOS player redirects what is in the Spotify App and all its features. So the opposite is true, Spotify Connect overrides BluOS when used as a Spotify Connect device. 


  • Peter McNulty

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your reply. If there is a way to use Spotify's crossfade feature with BluOS and the Node 2i, please reply to give instructions on how to do that.

    From the comments in this string going back 5 years, though, it seems that both you and Wesley P. have stated that Spotify's crossfading feature cannot be used with BluOS. Please read Wesley P.'s comment to Ock 2 years ago.

    On my mobile and desktop devices, it's possible to connect the Node 2i from Spotify. But as soon as the BluOS app opens it greys out a number of options in the Spotify Settings, including crossfading. And then the crossfading feature doesn't work. Songs play with a short pause between.

    Crossfading does work listening to Spotify directly or in the car with Bluetooth, but I can't figure out how to make crossfading work using the Node 2i.

    Please help, thanks.



  • Keks1973


    have you checked if crossfade works on other Spotify connect devices? If it works there it will be a issue witch BlueSound may handle, if not I think you have to ask Spotify.


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