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    Hi Greg

    Introducing BluOS 2.12;


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    Dale Peterson

    I'm disappointed that the "new" sort function is no longer available in the library.  I found this useful when listing to newly ripped CDs.

    Also, I've got a new issues that may or may not be a result of the new build. The issue is specific to an album called "Fossils" by the singer Aoife O'Donovan.  I can locate the album under "albums" but when I search by name the desktop application locks up and I have to close it.  I've completely removed the album and re-ripped it.  Same problem still exists.  Is it something about her name?

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  • Hi Dale

    'New' disappearing from only the Windows and MacOS is a temporary error on our part and will be restored shortly. It is a priority to our development team right now and we hope to get it resolved shortly.

    As for the album Fossils, sounds like it may be a tagging issue. Can you please select Help, Send Support Request (in Windows or MacOS, Player, Configure Player, Send Support Request).

    Please mention "Fossils - By Aoife O'Donovan causing issue" so we can review the log file.

    Thanks for #LivingHiFi


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