Wi-Fi extender fails setup




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    Brandon C.

    Hi Stefan,

    If the LED is not going green when connecting it via Wireless then this usually represents a failure to authenticate with the wireless access point.

    Ensure the password is typed in correctly ( it is case sensitive ) and that the access point is fairly close to the Player.

    It may be best to ensure the extender has a different name than the Routers WiFi so that you can specify which Wireless network to connect the Player to.

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    Thx for your suggestion, but the extended WiFi is named different already and no case / code mistakes made. During the search stage I get the extended WiFi name on the top of the selection list, only makeing the final link turning blue fails. Distance is round 10 meters, and both the extender as well as the Powernode is in the same room .

    BR Stefan 

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