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    Tony W.
    Product Support Manager

    Your Bluesound VAULT has no user-serviceable parts. The drives selected for the Bluesound VAULT are also designed as quiet drives with little noise and do not require cooling fans to interfere with music playback.

  • Martin Amdur

    What is it with you folks and replies that do not answer the questions asked?  In the forums and in support replies, you folks keep giving answers that are to different questions then the one being asked. Why do you refuse to actually READ and respond to what is actually asked? It is insulting to respond to people this way. SO IF ONE USES A SSD INSTEAD WILL THE UNIT SPEED UP? That is the question asked and not answered.

  • Mark Spreitzer

    I can answer your question.  Yes, the device will work better if you replace the drive either with an SSD or a better hard drive.  The Vault has a few problems. The processor is old compared even to the current Node. I don’t know why it they have not upgraded the Vault to the better DAC, processor and memory other than possibly demand.  Best SSD for reliability is the WD Black series. The best HD for longevity and multiple read write is the WD Purple Pro series. 

    Understand the reason Bluesound does not reply with more direction is they don’t want you to send it in for repair if you open the case and something breaks. 

    If you want to preserve all of your library work you can purchase the DupliM SSD HDD Copy Dock. (B&H sells them.) It does a sector by bit by bit and sector copy including format. This means you get everything including any boot hidden or encryption preservation so guarantee match. The only downfall to this device is if you start with a 2 TB drive and plug in a 4 TB drive, you won’t see additional storage because it comes out as a functional copy of the original. But you do get the performance improvements of the new drive architecture. 


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