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    Seppi Evans

    As a Vault owner, if the rip fails / takes too long then you have a few options…

    Power off the Vault and let it cool down for an hour, it may rip the CD when cooler.

    Clean the CD, a bit of dish washing liquid and running water until it’s squeaky clean.

    Polish the CD, lots of suggestions on Google but I have used a fairly abrasive car paintwork correcting cream which does make the CD look worse but was then able to rip. Some computer game shops have a polishing device and charge little to restore CDs.

    Buy another copy of the CD off eBay (nice and cheap)

    Use an alternative device such as a PC / Mac with a CDROM drive and some free software.

    Seek out a digital copy

    Sometimes the CD is damaged in the data layer and can never be ripped. I have a short run CD that was faulty and after two more copies that had faults in exactly the same place I gave up.

  • Theo

    Thanks for the completeness of your answer Seppi. i encounter the same problem as Bill (Thanks Bill for rasing the question). Can you perhaps say something more (configuration setup) about the option ‘Use an alternative device ….’ 

    Thanks for you reply in advance.

    Greetings, theo


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