Why Do I Receive Connection Failed OR Bad Gateway When Playing Directly From My iPhone




When playing music directly from an iPhone or iPad, an error message appears (values may differ); 

error: display from (address: connection failed. make sure that this resource is available



The music being selected has been downloaded for offline Playback using Apple Music, but has not been purchased in iTunes. As a result, Apple Music and it's licensing agreement with the Artist, will not let you play the track using their service via a third party device such as Bluesound.

There are two possible solutions that can be used to listen to this track in the future;

  1. Purchase the song in question using iTunes
  2. Using a Bluetooth Adapter, pair your iPhone/iPad with Bluesound and listen to it using the Apple Music App (see BLS-KB14-401 for details)


  • Some consumers may also receive this message if the file in question is in AIFF or ALAC format





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