How Do I Sign into Tidal Using my Facebook Account



If you are a current Tidal subscriber but registered through Facebook you will require a password to associate your Bluesound Players with Tidal. Logging into Tidal from the More Music using your Facebook password will not work.

Please visit's log in page and select Forgot Password. When prompted, enter the e-mail address associated with your Facebook account and select Request New Password. You should receive an e-mail from with instructions on how to generate your password.  If you do not receive the e-mail within 30 minutes, please don't forget to check any junk mail filters you may have enabled.

Once you have a new password, simply enter your e-mail address associated with your Facebook page and the generated password on the Tidal page of More Music. In the BluOS App for Windows and OS X, select Configure Player, Configure Music Services, from the Player pull down menu.


  • Tidal Passwords and security is associated with Tidal-HiFi - for further issues regarding Tidal access, please feel free to contact Tidal Help at
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