How do I set the Sleep Timer in Bluesound?



You can now relax and fall asleep to Bluesound with our Sleep Timer option. This can be used to stop playback after a set amount of time, using a gentle decline of volume.

In the BluOS App, select Settings from the Navigation Drawer of your Bluesound Player. You can set a time interval between 15 minutes to an hour and a half with each press of the Sleep Timer option.

If you have set the Timer by accident, you can reset it to an Off position, by pressing the Sleep Timer option again after reaching the hour and a half mark.

Once the Timer has activated, the playback from your Player won't stop immediately. It will start winding down from the volume it was set at, and then playback will be paused when it reaches zero.


  • The Bluesound App does not indicate a countdown once the Sleep Timer has been activated.
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