How do I filter by Genre?



How do I filter by Genre?

In the BluOS App, there is an option to filter your search by Genre. Simply tap the Genre Icon of a guitar body in iOS or under the Search Bar in Android and select your Genre. To turn off the Filter, tap again and set to All.

In the BluOS App for Windows or OS X, the Genre Filter is separate from the Search Bar and is located below the Scrub Bar in the Browse Window.


  • Genre filters are determined by the ID3 Metadata tag GENRE
  • Bluesound only recognizes the content of the primary genre tag. Some third party tagging software will allow you to create multiple GENRE tags. These are not read by the BluOS firmware when indexing
  • You cannot tag songs or albums to multiple genres
  • Selecting Play All Songs Random with a genre filter on will not play only songs of that genre - you cannot automatically make a playlist based on genre in Bluesound
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