How do I adjust Bass and Treble tone controls in Bluesound?



Suit your personal listening preferences and change the sound settings (bass or treble) of Bluesound Players with new tone controls. Tweak the bass response for more oomph or turn up the treble to amplify vocals for acoustic tracks—it’s like having a full soundboard at your fingertips.

All Bluesound Players include Bass and Treble slider controls to boost or lower the high end or low end of the audio output. To adjust these sliders, select Settings next to the player in the Rooms Drawer. Set Tone Controls to On and the Bass and Treble sliders will appear. This is a real time slider and playback will adjust as it is moved. Pressing Reset will return the Bass or Treble to the default 0 setting. There is no need to press Update at the bottom of the page to save Tone Control settings.


  • When turning on Tonal Controls, a slight decrease in volume will occur to create headroom for additional bass or treble.This volume decrease will be restored by turning off Tonal Controls
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