Trigger Out on the Bluesound Node



The Bluesound Node, NODE 2 and VAULT 2 include a 12v trigger to conserve power on amplifiers with trigger in.  Simply connect a mini jack cable from the trigger out port of the Bluesound Player to the trigger in of your amplifier.  After 15 minutes of idle (paused playlist or cleared playlist), the Bluesound Player will send a command to the amplifier to shut down into standby mode.

When a trigger connected amplifier is connected, simply press Play on a Bluesound Player and the Player will awaken the amplifier to resume playing.  There may be a slight delay in the amplifier powering up while returning from standby mode resulting in the opening seconds of the song being muted.  

Please note that on the Bluesound Node (Gen1) only, a mono minijack player will work with 5v triggered amplifiers but a stereo minijack is required for 12v triggered amplifiers.

The BluOS firmware does not include options regarding turning off or modifying the delay timing for the trigger out.

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