Why is my TOSLink connection not working with Hi-Quality Files?



The Bluesound Vault/VAULT 2 and Bluesound Node/NODE 2 can stream up to 192/24 FLAC, ALAC, WAV and AIFF files over an optical connection.

If choppy playback, distorted or even no audio is heard and your optical port is working and illuminated, please check the following:

Cable Quality: Digitial TOSLink cables can range from inexpensive 1 mm plastic optical fiber, higher-quality multistrand plastic optical fibers, or quartz glass optical fibers, depending on the desired bandwidth and application. Please check with your cable manufacturer about the limits the cable may have.

Limitations on the Connected Device: As the Bitrate of TOSLink has expanded over the years from 3.1 Mbit/s to as high as 125 Mbit/s, the device you are connecting this to, like a Digital-to-Analog Converter, may have specifications to only accept certain limits.  Please check with your DAC Manufacturer's documentation that the DAC can in fact play back 24/96 and 24/192 encoded files.

For cases where a verified 24/192 DAC and Bluesound Player both fail to handle files in the quality range of 24/176 to 24/192, we recommend contacting your DAC Manufacturer with these details.

Let our Crew know about the Cable and Receiver you are using by e-mailing us at support@bluesound.com


  • Do not look directly into an optical cable as retinal damage may occur.  Simply hold your finger just in front of the cable and see if a red light reflects on to your finger.
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