Why won’t the Vault rip my CD?



The Bluesound Vault and VAULT 2 will only rip standard audio CDs. The  Bluesound Vault will not rip DVD-Audio, Blu-Ray or SACDs ejecting them shortly after insertion. The Bluesound Vault may rip the CD Layer of some dual encoded SACDs reading the 16 bit layer.  The Vault will not rip Mini CDs.  Please do not insert CDs of non-standard size (120mm/4.7in) in a Bluesound Vault.

If a standard CD is not ripping correctly, please ensure it is not scratched or damaged by checking the surface of the CD or playing it in a standard CD Player.

The Bluesound Vault uses CD Paranoia's quality check to make the rip, encode and indexing process finished in 20-25 minutes for the average 60 minute CD while active. If the quality of the disc pushes the projection of the rip time to an unreasonable limit, just over 2 times the playback time of the current track, the rip of the track in progress and the rest of the CD is stopped and the disc is ejected.  An error notifying you of an issue will appear in the Rip/Encode Status of the Rip/Encode Control Panel in the Configure Player menu.

If you continue to have ripping issues please feel free to Send Support Request in the Configure Player menu to send us a diagnostic log of your Bluesound Vault or simply e-mail us at support@bluesound.com


  • The above article refers to both the Bluesound Vault and VAULT 2 as well as the NAD M50/52 combination.
  • In the Original Bluesound VAULT with a vertical slot, if your standard CD has been ejected immediately without any reflection in your application, please make sure you disc is inserted properly. The disc is inserted with the label facing right when the Bluesound VAULT is standing with the Play/Pause Button pointed upwards. IN the Bluesound VAULT 2, the CD is inserted label facing up.
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