Why don’t all Players appear in my list of available Players?



If none of your Players are appearing in your Player Selection Drawer, please check to make sure that your iPhone/iPad or Android device is on the same network as your Bluesound Players.

If you are setting up Bluesound for the first time, and are unable to see your player, check if the Player LED/Mute Button is green or flashing green.  If so, the Player is not connected to your network.  Please see our article BLS-KB13-902 on How do I connect my Bluesound Player to the network?

If one Player is missing in particular, unplug that Player from AC, wait 30 seconds and plug it back in. Once the LED/Mute Button is solid blue, close the Player Selection Drawer reopen it waiting up to 60 seconds to see if the Player appears.  If it still does not appear, please see our section on Network Router Troubleshooting.

If Players still do not appear, try force closing and then relaunching the Bluesound App.

If the problem persists, let us know by selecting Send Support Request from the Help Menu  or e-mail us at support@bluesound.com.

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