BLUESOUND and DOLBY: Television Troubleshooting with Bluesound



The Bluesound PULSE SOUNDBAR supports DOLBY Digital when decoding audio from your television. When setting up your PULSE SOUNDBAR please connect all devices to your television, and the television to your PULSE SOUNDBAR optical in as recommended in the PULSE SOUNDBAR Quick Setup Guide.

If grouping the PULSE SOUNDBAR for multiroom listening in the kitchen during that big game or award show party, the SOUNDBAR will decode DOLBY from your television and convert audio output to PCM for all other Players. If using a PULSE 2 or PULSE MINI connected to a television in the bedroom you will have to manually disable DOLBY in your TV Settings and convert to PCM output.  Please see your television manual for details.

The PULSE SOUNDBAR is the only Bluesound Player with DOLBY Decode.

Error message when using Bluesound Players other
than a SOUNDBAR with DOLBY Decode enabled


  • The PULSE FLEX will output DOLBY provided they are part of a Bluesound Home Theater Fixed Group along with the PULSE SOUNDBAR. If simply grouped with the PULSE SOUNDBAR, then will be down converted full PCM output.
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